Peace Amid the Storm

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This morning I woke up with an intense desire to connect with all the LDS women struggling because their sons didn’t serve the church mission they imagined he would.  Whether you never even got to help him turn in mission papers… or you did.  Whether he never got an official mission call… or he did.  Whether you never got to hear his mission farewell talk… or you did.  Whether you didn’t get to drop him off at the airport or MTC… or you did.  Whether you never got a missionary email on a p-day… or you did.  Whether he never donned a missionary name tag… or he did, but not as long as you expected.
Whether this pain is fresh or old (even years), please know that you are not alone, you have not failed in some deep and tragic way, and you don’t have to keep feeling like a failure (whether everyone knows it or it’s just your own private pain).  While I do have a coaching program* that can help you, I thought you might find some solace in my new blog, “Find Peace in Parenting” where I address some of the ups and downs of parenting through the my-son-is-missionary-age-but-he’s-not-on-a-mission phase that some of us Mormon moms get to live through.
You can have peace in parenting ~ even when you’re parenting teenagers and young adults.  You’re not alone in your struggles ~ even though it may feel like it.  Your best as a mom is enough ~ even if you have unfulfilled expectations.  Really.

*If you are interested in learning more about my new Find Peace in Parenting life coaching program, you can set up a FREE mini-session here.  During the mini-session, I’ll show you what I have to offer and then you can decide whether or not you’d like to continue with the full 6-week coaching program.  (All coaching happens one-on-one, via the Internet or phone, and I have early morning, day time, and evening appointments available.)

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