But shouldn’t I feel bad about this?

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Let’s be honest:  sometimes we torture ourselves because we believe we deserve it or that it’s the right thing to do.  I mean, shouldn’t I feel bad?  After all, my son isn’t serving a mission. 
Our church teaches that all young men should serve a mission. 
We talk about it from the time they are little.
I have a picture of him wearing his “future missionary” name tag.
He saved nickels and dimes since he was little (and $10’s and $20’s later on).
We’ve sung, “I Hope They Call Me on a Mission” more times than I can count.
He memorized all the Articles of Faith.
He knows the principles of the gospel.
We studied Preach My Gospel.
How can I possibly feel OK about his choice not to serve?  Does it make me a hypocrite if I feel at peace since I purposely taught him a different way?  If I truly accept his choice, what does that say about my own testimony?
All of these memories and questions swarming around in my mind reinforced the idea that I should feel like a failure as a Mormon mom because my son isn’t serving a mission… until I remembered that my Heavenly Father doesn’t want me to stay in a place of despair and disappointment; He is a God of hope and love (and it’s the adversary that wants me to stay mired in sorrow and grief).
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