What exactly is love?

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When we hear the word LOVE we often envision hearts and warm embraces, but we know it’s so much more than that.  As moms, love can look like cleaning up vomit; playing Pokémon because your child loves it; or, even saying “no,” knowing your son will be upset but doing it anyway because the Spirit said that was the right answer for this situation.  When you love someone, what exactly does that mean to you?
Does it mean candy on Christmas morning?
Does it mean you know what’s best for them?
Does it mean hugs and kisses?
Does it mean you give them whatever they want?
Does it mean your relationship with that person should be full of rainbows and daisies?
Does it mean they should see things like you do?  Or perhaps, you should agree with them?
Does it mean you can read each other’s minds?
Does it mean monthly mother/son dates?
Does it mean there’s room for forgiveness?
Does it mean, in the end, you’ll both be OK?

Sometimes loving relationships can be complicated.  When you love someone, what exactly does that mean to you?  If this question brings up mixed emotions for you since you found out your son isn’t going to serve a mission (whether you found out yesterday or years ago), contact me now at kelly@findpeaceinparenting.com.  We’ll set up a free mini-session where I can help you begin to sort through your emotions so you can have peace.

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