Can you back your car into a garage?

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When we moved into our home my husband wanted me to back my car into the garage (and it’s not even a straight shot!).  I told him I would if I could have the whole garage because I couldn’t guarantee I would always end up in the same spot!  And, I was right ~ for years my car was all over the garage, sometimes in the middle, but usually too close to one side or the other.
One day my husband watched me back up and noticed my frustration ~ that it took me so many “corrections” to get it right.  This is when he suggested I aim to have my driver’s side mirror aligned with a certain spot in the back of the garage.
I was doubtful it would help me, but what did I have to lose?  Nothing, really ~ so I gave it a try.  And do you know what?!  That little bit of guidance made all the difference!  Now when I park in the garage I do so with confidence and land in the center (almost always on the first try!).
Most of us don’t need major course corrections in our lives, just a little tweak here or there to help find peace or to live the life we desire even when those we love make choices we’d rather they didn’t.  The tools I teach in my life coaching aren’t some big secret, but rather they are the little tweaks or adjustments that can make all the difference.

Are you a Mormon mom whose son isn’t serving a mission and would love to have a different perspective on things?  Want to see what I have to offer?  All you have to do is schedule a FREE mini-session and I’ll show you.  (PS:  no hard selling or pushy tactics, I promise; if my program isn’t right for you, you’ll still leave the mini-session with some helpful insights on how you can feel better!)

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