Beyond the headline, Part 2

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When people find out I’m a life coach and that I specifically work with Latter-Day Saint moms whose son didn’t serve a mission, they wonder “Why?”
Here’s my why:  During my Life Coach School training we are directed to choose a very specific niche.  As I contemplated the possibilities my heart and mind reflected back to the loneliness, discouragement, and uncertainty I felt when my son told us he wasn’t going to serve the mission we always imagined he would.  I waded through those feelings alone, and while I eventually got to a good place inside my head, and knew the relationship between me and my son would be fine, getting to a place of confidence when talking to fellow church members about it took longer.  As I was trained in the life coach tools I now use, I knew these were the people I wanted to help and that these tools could be beneficial to so many.
Yet, I also understand the culture of the church.  I understand that even in an environment where we teach that agency is part ~ an integral part ~ of Heavenly Father’s plan, fear rises amongst the group quickly when someone, especially a youth, deviates from what we’ve spent years teaching them and planning for them to do.  So even though I knew I couldn’t possibly be the only Latter-Day Saint mom in this situation, I felt very alone.
You are not alone.  And more importantly, you can be more connected to your son, closer to him than if he did serve a mission, AND you can feel more confident as a Latter-Day Saint mom whose son is not serving a mission ~ at church, with your Latter-Day Saint friends, everywhere.

If you’d like to consider giving yourself these gifts, or if you simply need to unload where you’re at with all of this right now, email me at I understand at least part of what you’re going through, and I’d love to chat with you!

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