The power I gave the white car

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“Things” don’t usually affect me too much (I’m more of a quality-time and words-of-affirmation kind of gal!), so imagine my surprise when I found my stomach getting tied up in knots every time I can home and saw this white car in front of our home.  This piece of metal seemed to keep conjuring up reminders that life is not fair, that we had been figuratively slapped in the face, and that my heart had been crushed.  I told my husband we needed to sell it because it kept making me feel bad.
As those words came out of my mouth I suddenly realized the power I had handed over TO A CAR.  What?!
Like most people, I don’t like to be controlled.  As soon as I realized I was letting a car determine how I felt every time I returned home, I knew something had to change ~ I had to change ~ I wanted to change.  And I didn’t want to get rid of the white car until the change took place.
The change wasn’t instantaneous but it did happen, with some practice, and within a month we signed the title of the white car over to its new owner.
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