“Good” is enough

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Do you ever find yourself accepting the faults and weaknesses of others as human but can only expect perfection from yourself?  That was me for so many years (and, to be honest, I find myself back there occasionally) until one day…
I was studying the “creation” in Genesis, and I began noticing that God called everything from the dry land and seas to man, “good” (see Genesis 1:10, 12, 18, 21, 25, 31).  I suddenly became curious:  Why didn’t God call His creations “marvelous,” “beautiful” or even “perfect”?  After all, these are His creations; doesn’t that mean they should be better than “good”?  This was actually blowing my mind a little.
As I continued to study, I turned to my Webster’s 1828 dictionary (my favorite when looking up words in scripture) and found this definition for “good”:  sufficiently perfect.  What?!
I actually felt a burden lifted off my back and shoulders.  If “sufficiently perfect” was good enough for God then surely it was good enough for me.  I mean, who am I to argue with Him?!
Parenting is a tough job.  We have successes; we have failures.  But what really matters the most is our efforts ~ and even in this realm “sufficiently perfect” truly is good enough.
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