Are you a worrywart?

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On the first night of Stake YWs camp I found a little box on my bunk with ear plugs inside, along with a note telling me these were so the snoring of one of my fellow YW leaders wouldn’t keep me awake.  I laughed and didn’t think I would need them but kept them handy… just in case 😉
Indeed, I never did need to use those ear plugs.  I still have them in my bathroom drawer and when I see them it reminds me of my friend and her kind soul.  But those ear plugs also remind me not to spend too much time worrying ahead of time.
My friend spent a lot of time worrying she was going to keep the rest of us awake with her snoring.  She commented on it throughout the day, tried to stay awake until the rest of us were sleep, and even almost didn’t come sleep in our room because she was so concerned she would keep us from a good night’s sleep.  In the end, though, her snoring wasn’t a problem for anyone in the room.
Do you ever spend time “worrying ahead of time”?  Worrying about things that have yet to happen?  Worrying about things that “might” happen?  All this does is ensure you get to worry ~ even if the thing you’re worried about never even happens.

What would happen if you didn’t pre-worry?  How would your life be different?  What could you do with that time instead?

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