What brings you joy?

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What kind of things bring you joy?  Sometimes as moms we barely have time to do everything that has to be done.  Who even has time to think about joy?  Or the things we want?  I remember one day my son asked me, “Mom, if you didn’t have to do anything, what would you wantto do?”  I laughed and told him I had no idea… and then probably got back to being busy.
Even though that conversation happened years ago, I still remember feeling sad that I couldn’t answer it.  Since then I’ve thought about it and have realized even busy moms need joy in their lives.  Today, if my son asked me what I would do if I had time to do whatever I want, I’d tell him:
Go on a walk when the sun is shining and the air is crisp
Laugh with family and friends
Snuggle with a baby
Lie in a hammock, listening only to nature
Play racquetball (I’m not good, but I enjoy it!)
Listen to the testimony of someone finding their way back to God

These things bring me joy.  What brings you joy?

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