3 reasons why every mom of teenage boys needs a life coach

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It’s been almost a year since I became a certified life coach.  Throughout this time I have been coached a lot myself and as I look back over everything that has happened this last year I know without any doubt that even though circumstantially this has probably been the hardest parenting year of my 25 years of parenting, I am the happiest and most at peace that I have ever been in my life.
Even though…
… a son ran away from home a few weeks before Christmas (and we had a trip planned) and this time stayed away for many, many, many months.
… a son got into trouble with the law.
… a son chose to have his name removed from the records of the Church.
So how is it possible to go through all of this (and more!) and still honestly say that I am happy and at peace?!?  How can any mom feel good about herself ~ and her parenting ~ when some (or most) of her children aren’t making the kind of choices she taught them to make?  But the most important question you’re probably asking is… “Can *I* really be happy and have genuine peace in my heart even in my own situation?”
The answer is YES.
There’s nothing super special about me.  I have spent over two decades being the best mom I could be at any given time, failing, trying again, failing some more, still keep trying, and beating myself up for not being perfect enough.
But when I began learning the tools I teach through my life coaching, my whole world changed.  And that’s why I can say with such confidence…
Everyone needs a life coach, a really good one, especially moms of teenage boys.
If you want to see yourself in a way you’ve never noticed before… get yourself a life coach.
If you want to hear the truth, in a loving space, even when it’s hard to hear… get yourself a life coach.
If you want the power to create whatever result you want in your life ~ no matter what your teen is doing… get yourself a life coach.
A really good life coach can change your experience as you learn to navigate the sometimes rocky terrain of parenting teens and young adults.  But don’t take my word for it:
“Kelly will be able to help you transform your relationship with your son so that you are not just ‘getting through’ this difficult time, but so that you can thrive through these experiences.” ~ Catherine M.
“With Kelly’s help I have been able to show up as the mom I want to be and love unconditionally.” ~ Julie B.
“The personal examples she gave helped me understand the principles and skills she taught me; because I could see how they benefited her, I was able to trust that they would make a difference in my life, too.  And they have.” ~ Robyn N.
“I was surprised by the questions she asked and how she was able to draw out my thoughts and help me see what I could really do to improve how I was thinking and feeling about myself as a wife, mother, and person.” ~ Shawna Y.
Every mom of teenage boys needs a life coach.  And if I’m not your life coach, no worries.  But find a really good one.  You’ll never regret working with a life coach; you’ll only kick yourself for not doing it sooner.
To find out if Find Peace in Parenting coaching is right for you, schedule a free mini-session now and see for yourself the power of a coach.  I will coach you on one of your specific problems and give you a tool you can start using immediately.
CLICK HERE to schedule your free mini-session.
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  • SJS

    POWERFULLY true! I know because I have the best life coach in the world. Thanks, Kelly! Your help has made a huge change in my thinking and in my life! You come highly recommended from this student!

  • Kelly

    Thanks, SJS! This stuff really works when you do the work ~ and you certainly have done the work 😉

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