GRATITUDE even in the midst of TURMOIL

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Here in the United States, every fourth Thursday of November we celebrate Thanksgiving.  While it’s become a time for family and food and football, I also choose to use this time of the year to step away from the busyness of life and remember the blessings I do have even though life rarely goes the way I want it to.
Even amidst the turmoil that sometimes comes with teen and young adult children who give us a lot to worry about, there are silver linings in most clouds, and there are tender mercies and little blessings that are a part of this experience ~ even if we can’t always see them in the moment.
Here are ten things (in no particular order) I’m thankful for ~ even though I wish my son was making different choices:
#1.  I am thankful for the many other people ~ even those who have been hurt by him, too ~ who love and care about my son, those who treat him nicely when they see him.
#2.  I am thankful for technology that allows for the possibility of staying in touch with my son ~ at least during those times he is open to it.
#3.  I am thankful for the ability to cry.  Although I’m not much of a crier, crying has been cleansing for me this year.
#4.  I am thankful for my coaching work.  Not only do I get to help other moms find peace, teaching these tools demands I know and use them myself, and they’ve helped me continue to find peace in my own situation.
#5.  I am so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father that is patient with me as I learn (and re-learn) how to trust in Him.
#6.  I am thankful for the woman I’m becoming through the hard things that have come my way this year.  In an interesting way, my own testimony in my Savior is much deeper now than ever.
#7.  I am thankful for those of you who read what I write.  And those who share a little bit of your own experience with me.  As I share a part of myself with you I feel lighter and better able to handle my own parenting challenges; I hope and pray your own load is lightened, too.
#8.  I am thankful for my family who supports me in all that I do, even sharing a bit of our own family journey.  I’m especially grateful that my sons always give me their OK when I ask if I can share specific things about them with you.
#9.  I am thankful I have learned to enjoy moments instead of always worrying about “what’s coming next.”
#10.  I am thankful for learning that love is not the same as condoning and that love is not an absence of boundaries.  Love is just love.

What good has come out of your “hard” this year?  Are there blessings you have over-looked?  What are you thankful for?

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  • SJS

    You are so wise beyond your years! Thanks for all you share with me and help me through! We are in this together and can help each other as we share trials and insights! Your coaching has definitely made my "hard" things in life turn into learning experiences that bring additional peace! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  • Kelly

    Thanks so much for your support! It really does change things when we realize we're not in all of the hard things alone. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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