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(DISCLAIMER:  I am not a doctor nor do I have any medical training; what I’m about to share with you is simply my own experience, not medical advice.)
I have spent a majority of my life suffering from headaches, all kinds of headaches, everything from dull, lingering ones to full-blown migraines.  I used to think a majority of my headaches came from my wisdom teeth, but, alas, my headaches persisted even after they were taken out.  And for 20 more years.
Over the last year, as I’ve learned to become more in tune with myself (instead of mostly taking care of everyone else), as I’ve become more aware of what it is I’m feeling (yes, even me, a self-proclaimed non-feeler!), and as I’ve determined to be more proactive in living the life I want to live ~ the frequency and intensity of my headaches have greatly decreased.
But, wait!  I would never even classify myself as a “worrier” (I’m more of the “Let’s just deal with what we can deal with” kind of gal).  I’m much more logical than emotional.  In fact, I will even admit that until recently I didn’t see much use for emotions.  They always seemed (to me) to get in the way.
I’ve always believed the cause of my headaches was stress, hormones, and dehydration.  But if that’s true then how in the world can it be that during the most stressful year of my life I’ve actually been more headache-free than I ever even imagined was possible?!?  To be honest, dehydration can still spur on a headache for me and I sometimes get a dull headache around my special time of the month but neither are as intense or debilitating as they were for 20+ years.
Learning to manage my mind, even in the midst of heart-wrenching experiences, has made all the difference.  Yes, I have experienced numbness, anger, hurt, fear, and despair (and, to be fair, I’ve also lived with hope, love, peace, and joy).  Managing my mind doesn’t make it so nothing bad ever happens; it just allows me to show up in my life (the good, the bad, and the ugly parts) the way I want to be.  Oh, yeah, and with a lot less headaches.

Are you ready to be done with your own headaches (or however stress manifests itself in YOU)?  Let’s chat about what’s going on for you over a free mini-session.  I’ll show you how to start loosening your own tension.  There’s nothing to lose, except maybe a headache or two 😉

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