Why Peace?

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Since I can remember ~ even as a teen ~ I’ve always desired to have a sense of peace about me.  Back then I believed the ever-elusive peace was hard to find because life as a teenager is crazy, chaotic, and definitely confusing.  I hung on tight, figuring that the “peace” I was looking for would come as I moved into adult life because, you know… adults have it all figured out ?.

And then I became an adult and ~ surprise, surprise ~ the peace did not just magically appear.  Instead, there were more questions than answers.  There were also more choices and opportunities, and trying to figure out the “right” way to do life “perfectly” just took me to another level of uneasiness, second-guessing, and… more confusion.

Add a husband and kids to the mix and well, you know how it goes:  more worrying, more chaos, more pressure.  Not really a recipe for peace!  And yet, I still wanted “peace.”

You see, I believed if I did everything just right and the stars aligned and everybody was on my same wave-length then I could feel peace in my heart because everything and everyone would be OK.  The big problem with this, however, is that, of course, I cannot control every circumstance, nor can I control other people.  So every time peace was within my grasp, someone or something would snatch it away.

Not any more, though.  Once I figured out where peace really comes from (and it’s not aligned stars or everyone seeing things my way) I found my peace, even as I’ve experienced the shock, heartache, exasperation, meanness (and the list can keep going) of life with a teenage son who is out of control.

So, why spend time looking for peace when your son is in the middle of jumping off the cliff and ruining his life?  Because you being angry and scared won’t make him change (at least not for the better).

Why search for peace if you believe it’s impossible to have, at least while your teen is behaving the way he is?  Because it’s not impossible.  Seriously.  And if you can find peace in your own situation you will be a better Mom in any situation.

Why peace?  Because it feels so much better than worry, irritation, hopelessness, desperation, despair, anger, or whatever else you spend most of your time feeling.

If you’re even a little bit interested in finding some peace, it’s time to take a step back from your situation and ask yourself some questions.  Peace is possible if you believe it’s a possibility.  Even just considering it might be possible is enough to get started.

Consider these questions:

What are your top five sources of peace?

How do you feel about this list?  Do you need to diversify your peace more?

What would you like your top source of peace to be?

In what ways can you create peace for yourself?

This month we’re going to work through some of these questions together.  Let’s start with this one:

What are your top five sources of peace? Email me your list (kelly@findpeaceinparenting.com) and I’ll share my top five with you!

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