If you’re exhausted from constant worrying about your teenager and the choices he is making, Find Peace in Parenting is for YOU!

If you’re exhausted from constant worrying about your teenager and the choices he is making, Find Peace in Parenting is for YOU!

Is this your problem?

You’ve spent years nurturing your son, teaching and loving, guiding and directing, and now he seems to be throwing it all out the window and you’re not comfortable with the choices he is making.  The fatigue that comes with all of the worry and constant second-guessing of what you could have done differently to prevent all of this from happening eventually wears you out to the point that you aren’t even sure if it’s all worth it anymore.  It is.  It definitely is!

The Solution

Find Peace in Parenting coaching is a safe place for you to take a step back from your parenting problems, view them from a different perspective, learn how to drop your own negative self-judgments and criticisms, and treat yourself with love and compassion.

Through the process, you’ll not only learn to see yourself differently, but you will also strengthen your relationship with your teenage or young adult child, even though he or she isn’t making choices you agree with.  To see if Find Peace in Parenting coaching is a good fit, all you have to do is sign up for a free mini-session.

What to expect

All mini-sessions take place via ZOOM (from your computer or phone) so geography is not a problem. We’ll spend about 30 minutes together where I’ll help you see one of your current parenting problems from a different perspective. This will help open your mind to the possibilities within your control and I’ll show you how you can move forward with a different take on the situation.

If you’re a good fit, and if you’re interested, I will then share with you the specifics of Find Peace in Parenting coaching. If you’re not interested, no worries ~ but you’ll still leave the mini-session with a valuable, actionable tool to use in your parenting.

To schedule a mini-session, simply click the link below and you’ll be taken to my online scheduler. After a few clicks to verify time zone and find a day and time that work well for you, you’ll get to answer a few questions. These will enable us to use our time together on the mini-session in the best way possible. After the mini-session is scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email. You will receive reminder emails a day and an hour before our scheduled mini-session.

It’s normal to second-guess yourself

After you’ve scheduled your mini-session, please know it’s normal to second-guess your decision to do this.

It can be scary to open up and possibly be emotional with someone you don’t even know.  Please know that I will always offer you a safe place to open up and be vulnerable.  Everything you say is confidential, and I can promise you a judgment-free space to unload the thoughts and feelings that weigh you down.

Perhaps you’re concerned about a “sales pitch.”  Rest assured that if after the mini-session you are interested in learning about my Find Peace in Parenting coaching, I will definitely share the details with you.  However, if you’re not interested, I will not try to sell you anything.  Either way, you will leave the session with a tool you can start applying to your situation with your teen right away.

Sometimes, as parents, we feel guilty about even thinking about taking some time for ourselves, that somehow we aren’t a good parent if we don’t focus 100% on our family.  But no one can pour from an empty bucket ~ not even the greatest parents in the world.  Taking this time out for you will help you show up in all of your parenting situations in a better place.  You might even find that your relationship with God is enhanced as you make time to nurture and take care of one of His precious children ~ YOU!

It’s time ~ time to sign up for a Find Peace in Parenting mini-session.  A new kind of awareness awaits.  A load lifted off your shoulders awaits.  Greater peace awaits.

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